Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sources of Iodine Info

There is a lot to learn about iodine and the body's requirements. this site is where I got my very good introduction and saved my life! It's difficult going, but worth it.

I wrote to Dr. Miller the author of the article above and didn't get a response. Even tho the page gives his email and offers that you email him. I guess he isn't interested in having helped someone learn why they were dying and fix it! What are you going to do? There are a lot of people out there that have very narrow views of the world. A lot of them are authors.

Lots of info on this next site and there's good reason. The following site is owned and run by Dr. Abraham. As you learn more, you'll realize that Iodoral, what most doctors recommend as a source of iodine, is made my Dr. Abraham's company- Optimox. And the company also produces vitamins necessary as nutritional supplementation with iodine. Dr. Abraham was a ob/gyn teacher that enlisted two physicians: Dr. Brownstein and Dr. Flechas to do iodine studies in their practises. The findings were that most people are iodine deficient and many diseases are caused by this deficiency.

I wrote to Dr. Brownstein on his website, below, asking for treatment and haven't gotten a response. I guess being an avid writer and lecturer, he doesn't have time, nor do his staff, to respond in any manner. Not even a "we got your message!" I'm thinking of seeking Dr. Flechas' treatment, or another ILD (Iodine Literate Doctor) instead, if I get no response soon.

Be careful when ordering the many good books, etc on Dr. Brownstein's site as there is no security at present. Your information will likely be captured without this security, but you could call using a land line too.

More to be added here later.

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