Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hypermenorrhea, Menorrhagia, Hasimoto's, and the Niacin Fix

I've found an important, if not THE important, tool in stopping hypermenorrhea and autoimmune attacks. I awoke bleeding excessively after spending the night in a new home. Because my throat hurt, I took niacin like I always do, a 100mg pill. That usually fixes the throat and adds warmth to my metabolism. But I didn't get the usual niacin flush after the first and my throat still hurt, so I took another. Then another. Still no flush. Over the day I took at least 500mg and never had more flush than a light localized rash on my arm.

But once the niacin started working, my throat stopped hurting as much and the bleeding reduced to normal! That's the first time in my life where I felt I had an answer to the hypermenorrhea that I've experienced my whole life. And since starting taking iodine, I believe that is the second day of my life of having normal bleeding! And it coincides exactly with treatment for autoimmune-- renewing my knowledge that I have Hashimoto's and verifying for the first time that it causes excessive bleeding! And that orthomolecular nutrition is VERY valuable. In this case, niacin.


Of course, it's not all that easy. I took 900mg today in an attempt to slow bleeding unsuccessfully. Why? Because I didn't have enough tyrosine. Once I ate dinner all the niacin took effect at once! I can avoid artificial vit C to avoid inciting an autoimmune attack, but there are other substances to be avoided too. And beyond gluten=containing foods. There's something in my tea. Oolong, raspberry, chamomile, spearmint, and marigold.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Health and recycling taglines

If we all use a different earth-friendly tag line, it would keep thoughts on saving the earth fresh. So make up your own, personalize one you find, or simply reuse a great one.

Save the life of a tree-- buy recycled.

Reduce plastics use. Reuse grocery bags. Recycle everything. Rely on sustainable resources.

Minor discomforts aren't nuisances, they're warnings. Find and fix the cause, naturally.

Iodine, the drawbacks

We may worry that iodine supplementation, especially around the level of 50mg/day, is excessive and damaging. Is it? The major iodine-purporter docs don't address that concern other than to argue against the Weikoff effect, to say that 100mg has been used theraputically extensively, and to say that iodine has always been used as antiseptic (for which it is the bomb!). There IS more research than that suggesting negative, iodine-induced problems, such as iodine-induced goiter and hypothyroidism in infants. This post will attempt to gather that information over time (all info is a work in progress as to correctness). I will NOT discuss the ILD time-worn treatment of bromide cleansing or similar.

Iodine-induced goiter and hypothyroidism reference #1:

Synopsis. Mothers taking iodine at the 600mg to 1g levels for bronchial asthma gave birth to babies with serious goiter and hypothyroidism. Other children birthed by these same mothers under the same KI ingestion, did not have goiter or hypothyroidism. Development and symptoms in the affected babies improved or resolved by giving dessicated thyroid at the level of 30mg.

Congenital iodide-induced goitre with hypothyroidism.
A. I. Hassan, G. H. Aref, and A. S. Kassem --
Arch Dis Child. 1968 December; 43(232): 702–704.

[This case study includes 25 references, some with iodine-induced problems.]

Am J Dis Child. 1960 Apr ;99 :428-36 13821444

Synopsis. No information found yet.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Having another downturn

I still don't know why this happens-- getting weak and sick seemingly randomly. But I'm going thru another down cycle. Right now I'm having left ear pain, which I haven't had since childhood in severity.

Luckily, when things go wrong these days, I have a scapegoat-- metals and other toxins. The iodine is supposed to draw out everything: mercury, bromine, fluoride, aluminum, cadmium. You name it. That's gotta cause cleansing reactions. The thing is, I think my liver may be cleaning out. There is evidence that iodine helps in the liver, that and the kvass are surely making headway. I never knew I had liver problems, but the liver signals the gallbladder to release bile. Bile, I believe, helps in digestion. And I need help in digestion!

Overall things are improved, tho. Rosy cheeks, clear look on face, more energy, sweating!, warmer, no constipation, even when eating cheese, less breast pain. Seemingly better carb use.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Are Chinese goods a good choice or a dangerous one?

The US has pumpkins, with pumpkin seeds inside, and pine cones to get pine nuts from, why then are we having these shipped from across the globe? Long distance sources are a waste of fuel and energy, which is never a good solution. Even South America is a better choice-- less far to ship these and many many other items. Doesn't Mexico have pumpkins or pine cones? If we want to outsource labor, why not get goods from more local neighbors, like Canada and South America at least?

Which brings up my first health-related point: The more local the source, the less fuel and energy used in transport and storage. Even if the product is more expensive locally, choosing local saves the planet in terms of the above mentioned costs.

So, that brings up my second point: Why are local goods more expensive than the Chinese counterparts? They are more expensive because labor is higher and quality controls are stricter. Amercans have a standard of living wage, other popular manufacturing countries do not have a standard of living for their people. You've heard of sweat shops? What do you think is happening in those Chinese factories? Saving money outsourcing to another country where the net gain is overwhelmingly to them, degrades our financial state, whether it be to lose money from the trade imbalance or to lose money by people losing those jobs here.

But, health-wise, costs are higher here because we have more controls on quality. China has demonstrated NO compunction about what materials they use-- even if those materials cause DEATH!!! Short of death, Chinese officials have openly stated no concern, 'we don't understand why there is such a concern of this product making people ill, it hasn't killed anyone.' A recent story discussed China producing two sets of goods in some factories. On the one side, goods to go to Europe, which has strict toxin controls on imports. On the other side of the factory, toxic goods to go to America! What does that mean? It means, for instance, that on the toxin side of the factory they used high-benzene lubricants to produce goods. Have you noticed how smelly our stores have gotten now that they are filled to about 90+% Chinese goods? That smell is from VOCs, like benzene and formaldehyde, very toxic to humans. And in stores where the smell isn't very evident, have you noticed that recently stores have a seriously high-powered filtration system running? Very nice to have the air cleaned indeed, but why is America allowing these goods in? Surely you've heard of the toys recalled because they had toxic levels of lead? At least in that case, the US did have controls.

And, there's my third point-- experience. Chinese-made toothpaste was recalled because they had substituted glycerol for glycerine. Glycerol being a lubricant best left for machine oiling than human consumption. People got sick and the product was pulled. There were pet deaths along with pets sickened with liver damage by petfood using melamine (a wood product). Melamine is high in protein, so Chinese manufacturers are found to use it to save money in place of real food ingredients to increase the protein content of packaged foods. Never mind that it isn't for consumption and kills! The producers knew it wasn't safe for ingestion and they didn't care. Profit was the only concern! So, it is even more eggregious recently when a Chinese manufacturer used melamine to boost protein analysis in milk formula for babies!!! 54,000 babies internationally are now sick, before this on-purpose act was dealt with! Was this simply a cost-cutting measure???

I want to give you a hint of something I've learned right now-- DON'T USE ANY PRODUCTS SPECIFIC TO BABIES OR PREGNANT WOMEN. These are invariably HIGHER toxic content then the non-specific ones sitting on shelves right next to them. Manufacturers are NOT looking out for your health. They are NOT benevolant! You must take care of yourself, yourself!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Iodine Anniversary

Today is my three-month, iodine-taking for-sufficiency anniversary!!! Although I have been taking dulce since four months ago. How it's been going: My skin got softer and moister more and more until I thought I'd drip away. But pretty much right around the 3-month date, that sensation started leveling off and I have a "coarser" version of moist skin now. And although I'm overweight and non-normal health-wise, and shouldn't expect iodine sufficiency at 3 months, I believe I reached it.

And that's pretty disappointing because not a lot happened. Well, I'm regular for the first time in my life. With 25g fiber a day, eating yummy soaked beans, I'm even pretty normal. My cycles are improved, but not completely. My skin is better, but still dry sometimes in some areas. I experience random bouts of warmth, but can still get cold. And for the first time in my life my feet, and rest of the body, swell with high GI carbs or B vitamins. Don't really know what's going on with that, since it just started. I believe it is a sign of adrenal glands working for the first time in a long time! But, of course, not exactly the sign of health either.

Because I didn't get tested, I don't know my level of toxic metals, but they say that can take a year. So, even if I haven't reached sufficiency, I will likely do so in that year.

I do still crave seaweed, specifically dulce and nori. But all the rice in the sushi kills me-- swollen feet. :-( Taking extra kelp helps.