Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm drinking milk again!!!

I'm able to drink milk again, with no apparent drawbacks! When I drank milk before, I had uncontrollable bleeding. Death-defying stuff. Now I know that's a result of an autoimmune reaction to the milk. But thanks to joining Weston A Price Foundation, I tried raw milk. There doesn't seem to be much noticeable reaction-- other than my really enjoying the taste of fresh milk.

My period is coming up and it's the teller of all truths. If my bleeding goes uncontrolled after drinking the milk, it's outta here, for good. But, I'm actually expecting it to be alright. Pretty cool, huh? This means I'm a hop, skip, and a jump away from goodies like raw-milk ice cream and raw-milk eggnog. Ok, I can't really have sweets. But that's what holidays are for, right?

I was thinking about detractors saying that raw milk is dangerous. Yes, I suppose it is sometimes. Over the long run, not as dangerous as using cooked milk products. And, having been on the business end of them, raw milk isn't any more dangerous than eating ground meat or veggies as they keep having E. Coli, etc. There's no reason to go near ground meat, but not having raw veggies is probably a huge mistake.

If you aren't going to use raw milk products, don't use any milk products. Except, perhaps, yogurt-- where the milk was cooked, but then lactobacteria was added back making it a good food again! Eaten with live lactobacteria, mind you! We need those live enzymes people! We can't do this alone. Killed dairy may be secretly causing autoimmune reactions in you too.

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