Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Raw milk ok! Kombucha, ok!

The period knows all. Neither Organic Pastures raw milk, nor Synergy? kombucha caused me one bit of trouble! They are keepers. Unfortunately I found a couple of other things weren't keepers. Looks like Luna Nori crackers caused me uncontrolled bleeding as likely did 365 brand cinnamon. I may try them again to be sure, but they are on the high suspect list for causing autoimmune? reactions. I know better than to eat processed foods anyway, but still try. I love milk and think I came out well. Kombucha is interesting. I didn't do well with kefir, so that was a bit of a surprise.

Looks like I still can't take CLO during the period. After lunch taking a tsp seemed ok, but not at breakfast time. I'm thinking of trying Galen Knight's suggestion and eating turmeric to increase morning cortisol. That sounds right up my alley. But I'll have to figure out an acceptable way to take it w/o requiring full out indian food. Maybe dahl? Yumm!

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