Friday, March 13, 2009

Not Immune!!!

As I listen to Jared Diamond, author of "Guns, Germs, and Steele", and currently speaking on his new book, "Collapse," I realize I need to comment now on what I can't eat / use-- because it makes me ill.

Rapadura gives me that feeling, that is so very familiar, of wanting to take an internal shower. There is no escape and this is NOT a good food. Note, OTOH, that I had no noticeable reaction to fresh cane juice. Quite yummy!

Vitamin C, mentioned before, a fermented corn product with so many ferments that it might as well be margarine.

Maple sugar-- D. This seemingly clean sweetener surprised me in disappointment.

Raw milk-- at least Organic Pastures milk so far. This can send me into an autoimmune attack spiral ending with a temperature 1-2 degs lower and dry skin the likes of a dehydrated vampire.

Raw cheese-- at leasat Organic Valley's raw sharp cheddar so far. I get depressed and mad minutes after eating this cheese. It appears to be from WI. Can't tell you the problem here either. But I have found myself really pissed off (usually a vitamin B12 deficiency problem) and then laugh at how easy and fast a food did that to me!

more later...

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