Saturday, March 14, 2009

DEtoxing - Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth

I'm finding very little support for my new attempt to remove toxins: food-grade diatomaceous earth. Seems the closest is this new bentonite + psyllium craze. But not far off, since bentonite has claims exactly the same as the crushed up diatoms. And bentonite cleanses have been around forever.

Here's a very nice page, although it's specific for candida.

"What is a candida detox?

A candida detox consists of a colon detox cleanse to get rid of any old waste matter and toxins that make the bowel unhealthy and discourage the growth of the good bacteria. This normally consists of psyllium husk seed powder, Bentonite clay and caprylic acid.

  • Psyllium ...
  • Bentonite, in powder or liquid form, attracts toxins and adsorbs them, preventing them getting into the blood stream. It can help prevent die off reactions from the release of candida toxins as it is killed off. Use 1 -2 tablespoons for each drink.
  • Liquid caprylic acid [or coconut oil]...
  • Garlic....
  • Probiotics ..."
"Candida Detox Diet

A Candida diet is vital part of the treatment. Sugar feeds yeast so is the most important thing to exclude as well as products containing it. In fact, it’s good to avoid all refined carbohydrates such as white flour products. In many cases it is helpful to exclude gluten containing products such as bread and pasta as well."

More later.

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