Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Iodine, the drawbacks

We may worry that iodine supplementation, especially around the level of 50mg/day, is excessive and damaging. Is it? The major iodine-purporter docs don't address that concern other than to argue against the Weikoff effect, to say that 100mg has been used theraputically extensively, and to say that iodine has always been used as antiseptic (for which it is the bomb!). There IS more research than that suggesting negative, iodine-induced problems, such as iodine-induced goiter and hypothyroidism in infants. This post will attempt to gather that information over time (all info is a work in progress as to correctness). I will NOT discuss the ILD time-worn treatment of bromide cleansing or similar.

Iodine-induced goiter and hypothyroidism reference #1:

Synopsis. Mothers taking iodine at the 600mg to 1g levels for bronchial asthma gave birth to babies with serious goiter and hypothyroidism. Other children birthed by these same mothers under the same KI ingestion, did not have goiter or hypothyroidism. Development and symptoms in the affected babies improved or resolved by giving dessicated thyroid at the level of 30mg.

Congenital iodide-induced goitre with hypothyroidism.
A. I. Hassan, G. H. Aref, and A. S. Kassem --
Arch Dis Child. 1968 December; 43(232): 702–704.

[This case study includes 25 references, some with iodine-induced problems.]

Am J Dis Child. 1960 Apr ;99 :428-36 13821444

Synopsis. No information found yet.

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