Monday, October 6, 2008

Having another downturn

I still don't know why this happens-- getting weak and sick seemingly randomly. But I'm going thru another down cycle. Right now I'm having left ear pain, which I haven't had since childhood in severity.

Luckily, when things go wrong these days, I have a scapegoat-- metals and other toxins. The iodine is supposed to draw out everything: mercury, bromine, fluoride, aluminum, cadmium. You name it. That's gotta cause cleansing reactions. The thing is, I think my liver may be cleaning out. There is evidence that iodine helps in the liver, that and the kvass are surely making headway. I never knew I had liver problems, but the liver signals the gallbladder to release bile. Bile, I believe, helps in digestion. And I need help in digestion!

Overall things are improved, tho. Rosy cheeks, clear look on face, more energy, sweating!, warmer, no constipation, even when eating cheese, less breast pain. Seemingly better carb use.

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