Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Combatting an AutoImmune attack

While shopping this guy drenched in marijuana smell, masked with rank cigarette smell, asks if I could move away from the shelf. I already had my mask on because the store smelled bad, but really very stupidly removed it at that moment. One whiff of this guy and I was lost. My lungs filled immediately with smoke, as if I were smoking!!! Then instead of constricting, they filled with water. Then came the bitchiness and do I mean bitchy. Everything was wrong, this was a day-ender. But, from wheat poisoning experience, I wasn't so clueless as I used to be.

First I started with B12. I took it before my body knew it needed it. And that was that-- no more bitchiness. Good attitude restored. But still not well. I don't know the specifics of other vitamin requirements, having lucked onto B12, so I took EVERYTHING: cod liver oil, selenium, magnesium + B6, anti-stress vitamins w/ vit C, and kelp. THEN, I put a niacin in my mouth. One way to tell you desperately need some nutrient is to put it in your mouth. If it dissolves long before you get the chance to swallow it, that's your clue. Niacin then creates a need for vitamin C, since C help keep the flushing down. If the body doesn't flush, you haven't taken enough niacin.

The first thing that happened on taking the niacin was that my eyeballs stung, just as a niacin flush on the skin. This makes sense to me because cigarette smoke iritates the eyes and this guy smelled SO bad he might have well been smoking.

I took magnesium because I started to have ???, not seeing things clearly. That's the sign for magnesium deficiency.

And now I'm much better. Not perfect, something is out of my grasp. Maybe I didn't take enough of something. This proves that all allergy attacks, from different sources, have the same symptoms. And those symptoms are immediate vitamin deficiencies!!! Damn, tho, that I'm not perfect.

[all told niacin (200mg), B12 (2000mcg++)]

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Thresshold said...

Day 1 was autoimmune suffering. Day 2 was immune system charged energy. Day 3 was adrenal exhaustion. I have kept up with most supplementation. I even had liver last night! :-) There's still more effort on my part needed. This health thing is pretty tricky.