Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Trashed myself last night - New Diet

The hypothyroidism, and maybe another miscarriage?, caused another large weight gain. Today is the beginning of a new diet and last night was a "celebration" of that fact. I had HagenDazs chocolate and rum raisin and unfortunately barley chocolate chip cookies. After causing all kinds of gastric distress, I realized too late what food I really wanted: caramel corn. :-) I crave popcorn all the time, but since I'm allergic to corn that isn't something I should be eating. But, what I realized also is that I can eat that on my new diet!

Of course, I'm on the SCD diet and starting to follow Nourishing Traditions eating, but the new diet is to lose weight and type of food is not restricted. You know, I didn't realize it till just now, that's very freeing! So, if I go off one diet, I just need to stick to my weight-loss diet. Oh, what is the new diet you ask?

The new diet. The new diet is the lose 1lb a week diet as introduced by Dr. Morehouse in his book 30min to Fitness. I've started his exercise program again too! He calls it the "wide variety diet" as you eat whatever you want, you simply make sure you lose 1lb a week. It seems like too little to lose, but, in fact, it's exactly how to do a diet right. You think losing a pound of fat is easy? NO, it's not!

We all know better when starting a fitness program than to find the steepest hill and start running up and down it till we drop, right? Fitness takes a reasonable plan, an easy start, and continuing to build strength and endurance. Similarly the lose-a-pound-a-week diet fits within the realm of the body's capabilities. Losing 1lb /wk allows a Ph balance and ensures a pound of 60% fat lost, not 60% muscle. It also puts weight loss into the hands of even the most hypothyroid of individuals. Of course, for me this means lower carb eating, since carbs go straight to fat, w/o providing any nourishment.

I find that my greatest joy this morning is in realizing that going off my diet can mean taking vitamins! Usually I worry about taking vitamins because the fillers are SCD-illegal. But when you set up an unhealthy system from eating sugar and gluten, vitamin fillers are the least of your worries. Honestly, I feel that I would forgo the bad eating just to get the vitamins! I needed the vitamin C so much that it dissolved in my mouth before I could swallow it. Perhaps I could have considered the niacin flush before up and taking 500mg! :-(

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