Friday, September 26, 2008

A bit on heath philosophy

I wrote to my second ILD, with the same result-- no response. This really upsets me and I wanted to follow up with a letter expressing such. While writing it dawned on me that like all things, my original contact was non-traditional for the expected response-- some response. So who's to blame? They are! But, really I am too. I toned down my email a notch. Then I did so again about 3 more times. In the end, none of the original whining was there, simply a statement of the facts. But I still got all my points across, just not in a obviously-reactive way.

What did come out on my final reading was that my concern is for the health of me, my family, and others. It's a philosophy. And when health is a vital concern, shouldn't all discussions keep in mind that point? Did I add something to the table to improve health and interest in health? Did I learn something from it to improve health? Philosophy isn't as easy to grasp as it should be for best benefit.

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