Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Nutrition, not diet restriction

Can celiac, and other diseases, be cured by correct nutrition? That
is, by getting enough nutrients in the diet each day, can you then eat
whatever you want without symptoms? Adelle Davis believed you could.
And you could certainly make a case for the usefulness and sanity of
that stand point. While you'd need to get one of her books to find out
the complete diet recommendations, I'm going to give an excerpt from
Let's Get Well, Adelle Davis saying just that.

While I firmly believe we should follow a natural, enzyme-full diet,
instead of shoving lots of supplements at ourselves and then eating
whatever, certainly adding nutrients from supplements and food can
help tremendously. But, if we DO go off our diets, it certainly would
be tremendous help to know how to supplement to correct mistakes, yes?
Making the diet nutritionally healthy is doable, by daily regime
rather than a haphazard application.

"A diet can be made adequate without gluten, but it is a nuisance. The
finding that celiac patients are severely deficient in vitamin B6--the
lack of which causes vomiting, eczema, much gas, diarrhea ...

Through the years I have seen a number of children with celiac disease
who, according to the physicians who referred them to me, later made
spectacular recoveries; yet in no diet were grains restricted. In fact
I particularly specified that wheat germ as well as liver and yeast be
taken daily. In every case the diet was unusually high in each
nutrient; and powdered digestive enzymes were mixed with all foods
before they were eaten. I am, therefore, convinced that correction may
be attained without the prolonged use of gluten-free diets provided
the B vitamins are generously supplied."

So, what amount of B6, wheat germ, liver, yeast, digestive enzymes are required?

B6--At the time of the writing of the above, she didn't have enough info to know, but thought 5mg for infants daily and 30mg+ for adults. Magnesium is also needed to use the B6 and may be the cause.

Wheat germ--



Digestive enzymes--


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