Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Soft, soft skin

Two months (three) into iodine supplementation, I am able to gauge iodine absorption by the moistness of my skin, especially my feet; which are currently too dry for my liking, but much improved. Overall my skin is softer and softer with each day. Having seen XMen, p.II?, where the senator finds his mutation is the ability to turn into water, my mind drifts back to his end and I worry I might meet the same fate--my skin will become so moist it will simply start dripping off. ;-)

Somewhat sadly I find my hands glued, now, to my face as in the last few days it has become amazingly soft. It used to be my arms that my hands ran up and down all day. You have to understand the background, which is that I have spent an entire life with dry and drier skin. There was no shower without after lotion. No winter without constant lotioning. No hand washing- the lotion used to be in a bottle beside the soap bottle.

The only thing I lack now is a way to sweat easily. Since exercise has made me endothermic--cold, not warm-- for the last way too many years, the answer is a spa. But I'm not in a spa situation. So, I'm stuck, since taking a shower causes an allergic reaction.

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