Monday, September 8, 2008


In changing out toxic products for less toxic, hopefully non-toxic, ones, I've made up my own toothpowder. Once I tried it, I felt like I had found reality. Toothpowder isn't just free from common toxins found in even the most well-meaning toothpastes. It's wonderful. Originally I tried baking soda - works ok, but so salty it can cause increased blood pressure. Then I got smart and tried 50-50 baking soda with peppermint leaves. Much smarter, gives pain relief and keeps cleaning of baking soda. But my teeth stained, so I add dolomite, contains calcium carbonate. It's in toothpastes, but in my toothpowder at a lower concentration.

Take this simple recipe whirred in a coffee grinder and go wild. Instead of peppermint leaves, use spearming - good for bacteria fighting. Use white tea, rose petals, vanilla seeds, lavendar petals. It's up to you to make your toothpowder your own! Fun and rewarding!

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