Thursday, September 4, 2008

WAPF diet - To get healthy

We are taking the next few months to concentrate on health. The main preparation from here on out will be the WAPF diet recommendations. After all, it has worked for indigenous peoples thruout time. I've had terrible health problems and could really use any additional help.

One thing that must happen is my losing lots of weight gained from almost dying from iodine deficiency and having hypothroidism. I can't maintain health at this high weight. Unfortunately, while I lost a lot of weight yesterday, I failed to eat appropriately. I get soooooo hungry. My brain shuts off and the calories and inappropriate eating go on. I can stay on SCD, but WAPF is a bit of a challenge. Don't really know the requirements yet. I'm going to make up health signs to keep the goal in mind.

One thing that shouldn't be a problem is level of iodine. That should be 100% soon, if all goes well. Not expected to go well, entirely. I need to make up a vitamin chart too. But since WAPF guidelines are fairly simple, that should be limited to cod liver oil. :-)

Wish me luck!

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