Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More Iodine

Increasingly the amount of iodine I take isn't enough. I crave more all the time. Cooking beans with seaweed-- supposed to help reduce gas -- sounds really good to me. I keep craving Japanese too. So, I was surfing around when the idea hit me-- take more iodine in the form
of seaweed. Adding seaweed gives all the nutrients too that should help increase iodine uptake. Adding to cooking beans, then, is a win - win situation. Unfortunately, I don't have a life now and no beans. But when I do... But I've started taking kelp pills, homemade of straight kelp, with each meal.

I love the way it makes my stomach warm. I took two kelp pills last night and woke up with the warm feeling still there. Had one pill this morning accompanied by the same warm feeling. Very nice!

I didn't expect to need to add more iodine! And I wonder now, how much it's going to take. Adding more Lugol's makes me sick, despite iodine cravings, and also doesn't sound right. But taking seaweed, not only makes sense, but feels great. And my cravings are about to get requited with dulse flakes on salads, kelp pills with meals, and somehow nori. When is lunch already?

One thing I'm doing also is taking the stress formula every two hours. Nothing to do with the above, but I hope it brings my adrenal glands back to functioning. I suffer terribly from adrenal exhaustion and expect help from this new protocol. --And as I write this I feel help, likely in a stress formula + kelp combination that is currently winning somewhat over my candida overgrowth. I'll take it!

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