Monday, September 1, 2008

Protocol for taking Iodine

I read some people have difficulties getting iodine even though they take plenty, 50mg+. There is a secret to increasing absorbed iodine that current iodine-loving docs either aren't telling or don't know. Iodine binds with most foods, especially the vitamin C that helps to absorb it. You need vitamin C in your system to improve iodine uptake. But taking these together will cause the vitamin C to bind with the iodine and take it out of the body without you getting it all!!!

So, here is the protocol to get the most of the iodine taken, which really isn't a secret. Per the bottle of Lugol's: Take iodine alone on an empty stomach with raw apple cider vinegar [2tsp] in water and don't eat or drink anything but water for at least 20min. 20min is the amount of time required to absorb iodine. The raw ACV likely creates an alkaline environment in the body that helps the iodine absorb. When taking Iodoral, it likely takes more than 20min, since the pill needs time to break down.

It's better to take your iodine from Lugol's as you don't have to wait for the Iodoral to break down. But perhaps there is something in the recipe of the pill to help absorb iodine? For me, with intestinal absorption problems, I need to avoid fillers, since they can REDUCE my ability to absorb the needed nutrients.

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