Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cortisone, ACTH (pituitary hormone, as STH)

Part of the recommendations in Overcoming Thyroid Disorders is to supplement with "physiologic" amounts of hydrocortisone. So, when I ran across this topic in Let's Get Well, I thought not only here is a way to let the body make the hormones, but here is the definitive information for getting vitamins. Dr. Brownstein, like other ILDs, is helping lots of people (not me, he's chosen to ignore me) with his good advice and research, but he's no nutritionist and his recommendations while helping will eventually hurt too. Adelle Davis OTOH IS a nutritionalist (was). So, here is her anti-stress program.

"To meet the demands of stress ... obtain all nutrients necessary for the production of the pituitary and adrenal hormones." Protein, vitamins C, B5, and B2. "Vitamin B2 is essential for the synthesis of adrenal hormones." "...pantothenic acid ... the same benefit from taking the vitamin as from being given ACTH or cortisone with no toxic effects."

During illness, take every two hours w/ fortified milk for protein. C 500mg, B5 100mg, B2 and B6 each 2-5mg.

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